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2021. 11. 16. · Lizardfolk cleric ( I doubt, exists) are just like Psychopaths and Sociopaths. The thing is that they do not have any notion or concept of Good and Evil. They’re doing their best to grow stronger and to become better survivors. Magic for lizardfolk is quite appealing to them, as most Lizardfolk tend to be warriors, fighters, or rangers who do. 2013. 3. 9. · In 5th edition, Lizardfolk are explicitly opportunistic omnivores - but an evil subspecies also exists. These are particularly intelligent and cruel specimens that have been corrupted by the demon lord Sess'inek. After the 5e Monster Manual, Volo's Guide to Monsters was the next sourcebook to explore the race and provide rules for PC lizardfolk. Tribal Structure. Lizardfolk gathered into tribes. A typical tribe might have 150 lizardfolk, with around 50 male, 50 female, and 50 hatchlings, Another might have only 30-60 adults, with half as many hatchlings and one tenth that number in unhatched eggs. Lizardfolk society was patriarchal and leaders held their positions for their strength. Jan 28, 2021 · 2 Lizardfolk Are Omnivorous, But They Love Human Flesh. Lizardfolk are considered to be omnivorous and will eat just about anything in order to survive. As hunting is a large part of the culture of their tribes, they consume a great deal of flesh, as well.. Swamp lizardfolk are a little bulkier and taller than humans, and their colorful frills make them appear.
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